Title: Success Story of Miss Suraiya Begum

Miss Suraiya Begum of Sutipara Union of Dhamrai Upazila is a housewife and cattle rearer. She reared bulls and cows for a long time (about 10 years). She rears bulls like her own children and sells them every Eid. In continuation of this, on 27/06/2021, she bought a red color Sindhi breed body structure and healthy bull for 60,000Tk from Hargoch market in Saturia. She kept the cow in isolation at home for 15 days. The weight of the cow at the time of purchase was 140 kg and she was trained in cow fattening as a member of Sutipara branch of local NGO Society for Development Initiatives, Phulkuri Mahila Samiti, so she measured the size of the cow using tape. She named the cow Lalu.

She fed Lalu three worm tablets on 17/7/21 according to body weight. First gave Tadka vaccination on 20/7/20 and FMD vaccination on 18/8/21. She feeds her Lalu natural food as per the chart below.

Food Name
Animal Weight UMS Grainy Food Raw Grass
100Kg 2Kg 1.5Kg 5-6Kg
150Kg 3Kg 2Kg 8-9Kg
200Kg 4Kg 2.5Kg 11-12Kg

The cow fattening program is being implemented by providing raw grass, straw, husk , broken maize, khail, Lali and urea molasses straw. To keep Lalu, day shade ,well ventilated and light are kept in place. A fan and soft bed are provided at night. Lalu is monitored by a veterinary doctor every month. She does not provide steroids in any way. She hopes to play a role in the production of profitable and safe meat in the upcoming Eid al-Adha.

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